Fly Blanks

The Midgar speyblanks are designed to master all the different phases in the speycast, in addition to let you have full control of the fly when fishing and casting. The rod action is nice an even, with a strong tip and lots of backbone.  In practical terms the rod will load  further down towards the butt the more you push it, but it will never be too strong. The great feel of playing the fish is still the most important thing! 

The Companion 4 piece series are designed and built to be light and quick.  These blanks reflect the latest in design technology.


The TX4 series was developed for the modern fly fisher looking for a longer (11'0") travel rod (all models are 4 piece) in a single hand configuration.  Completed rods are lightweight (all factory rods weigh less than 5 oz completed) and sensitive yet durable enough to land big fish with confidence. 

We do not believe that the materials alone make a rod good or bad - they just allow the designer to achieve different performance levels.  In this case we were looking for a specific action for a specific fishery.  We achieved this with the TX4.  Basically the top section is built to maximize the responsiveness of the rod and the lower section is designed for quickness and durability.  If the road you are traveling takes you on a journey for Great Lakes steelhead or trophy brown trout this is the rod for you.


The Cairnton series is our 3 piece high modulus blanks.  They are light weight and available in light trout and saltwater.


Our Highlander series are manufactured with a blend of high modulus materials.  The 3 piece two-handed blanks flex more than the Midgar allowing for a slower cast.  The 2 piece Highlander Light are designed for very small streams and lighter fishing.  The 3 piece blanks offer a more moderate action than our Cairnton.


The ITM series includes all models available in the VI PLUS.  These blanks are built using high performance graphite that allows them to be lighter than the VI PLUS and Explorer.  These blanks are slightly quicker than the VI PLUS.

New to this series in 2006 are our 4 piece 9'9' travel models and our 4 piece 11'9" models.


These blanks are lighter and more responsive than the Explorer blanks.  These are a good bread and butter blanks.


This series uses standard graphite.


Talon also manufacturers other blanks not listed.  If you are looking for a blank you do not see listed - please contact us to see if it is an unlisted item.  Included in our available blanks are our tournament casting blanks.

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