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At Talon® we design and manufacture all our fishing blanks and fishing rods at our factory in Woodland, Washington USA.  Our philosophy is that material alone does not make a good fishing rod, but believe that the material and the design must be balanced to maximize the rod's performance.  To achieve this we use a number of different materials in our designs.  We are also more responsive to your changing needs by localizing production. 

Our custom blanks are made with state-of-the-art materials which equate to light yet durable graphite blanks, with a sensitive feel that delivers plenty of power to land big fish on light lines. You get a high quality blank at an affordable price!

Over the years we have worked with our customers all over the world to develop actions that meet the performance needs of the fishery the rods are used in.  To accommodate this large offering we build to order when the orders are received. 

Midgar  - Available in fly, these blanks come with an olive/green finish.  Midgar blanks use the same high modulus material used in our Companion, TX4 and Cairnton series.   The Midgar series is our 3 piece two handed blanks designed for the angler who likes to use a Scandinavian  style cast. 

Companion - Available in fly, these blanks come with an olive/green finish.  Companion blanks use the same high modulus material used in our Midgar, TX4 and Cairnton series.  The Companion series is our 4 piece  blanks (3 through 7 line weight).

TX4 - These 4 piece fly blanks come with an olive/green  finish and use a blend of cutting edge high modulus materials.  This design produces a lightweight blank which is very sensitive and durable.  When completed all factory TX4 rods weigh less than 5 oz.  This series was designed for Great Lakes Steelhead and all models are 11'0" (5 through 8 weight).

Cairnton - Available in fly, these blanks come with a teal finish.  These 3 piece blanks are available in our light trout (2 through 5 weight) and our saltwater blanks (8 through 14 weight).

Highlander - These blanks are available in fly and come with a deep emerald green finish.  A blend of high modulus materials are used in the design and manufacturing of these blanks.  In this series we offer three models of two-handed blanks.  These two-handed blanks use a complete bend of the blank flexing throughout in casting.  Additionally we offer a range of very light 2 piece blanks for fishing small streams.  These 2 piece blanks are full flex blanks.  We also offer a range of 3 piece moderate action blanks.

ITM - All blanks offered in our VI PLUS series are also available in our ITM series.  This series is offered with a stealth black finish and uses a higher modulus graphite than that used in our VI PLUS.  The material used in this series allows us to manufacture lighter and more sensitive blanks than our comparable VI PLUS and Explorer models.  Fly and conventional blanks are available.  

VI PLUS - Our VI PLUS blanks are available in spinning, casting and fly and come with a deep burgundy finish.  The material used is lighter and more responsive than standard graphite.

Explorer - Standard graphite is used in the design and construction of our Explorer series of blanks.  These blanks are manufactured with a natural finish and available in our spinning, casting and fly blanks.




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