Fly Rods


The 3 piece Midgar two-hand series is developed for those wishing a Scandinavian method of casting.  Each rod is built on a Talon olive/green blank with matching thread wraps.  We use H&H stripper guides and traditional chrome snake guides with the highest quality Portuguese cork. 


Our Companion rods are 4 piece travel rods in line weights 3 through 7.  Each rod is built on an olive/green blank with matching threads.  Nickel silver reelseats are used on the trout rods along with H&H stripper guides.    


The TX4 series is new for 2006 and was developed for the modern fly fisher looking for a longer (11'0") 4 piece travel rod in a single hand configuration.  Completed rods are lightweight (all factory TX4 rods weigh less than 5 oz completed) and sensitive, yet durable enough to land big fish with confidence. 

Basically the top section is built to maximize the responsiveness of the rod and the lower section is designed for quickness and durability.  If the road you are traveling takes you on a journey for Great Lakes steelhead or trophy brown trout this is the rod for you.


Our Cairnton series offers time-tested designs that allowed us to engineer a world class 3 piece rod using high modulus graphite.  The series includes both fresh water and saltwater actions in teal color.  Coordinating teal thread wraps are used along with H&H stripper guides and nickel silver reelseats.  FUJI strippers are used on the saltwater rods along with saltwater reelseats.


The Highlander blanks are created from a blend of different modulus materials, designed for a a specific action, not as fast as the Cairnton.  Select cork, top quality reelseats and premium guides finish out the hardware, deep green thread wraps complement the emerald green finish.  Available in our 2 piece light line series and our 3 piece travel series.  The series also offers three piece two-handed rods with a fuller flex than our Midgar.


The ITM rods are lighter and more sensitive than the VI PLUS and Explorer rods.  These rods are finished in a matte black finish with matching black thread wraps creating a classic stealth look.  In 2006 we have added our special purpose 4 piece 11'9" Great Lakes rods as well as our 9'9" 4 piece selection.  These new rods are extremely light and sensitive. 


The Talon VI PLUS Fly rods remain one of the best values available, from traditional two piece, in 20 different length and line combinations, to a hand full of 4 piece rods for the traveling angler.  Rods in this series are made with a deep burgundy finish on the blank, and the hardloy and chrome guides are wrapped on with a complimentary, rather than contrasting thread.  Quality components and workmanship combine to give you a rod that's light, responsive and durable.


Talon's Explorer series is available in 6 different lengths and line weights.  Beginning with our standard graphite, the Explorer combines impressive strength and sensitivity with quality components to achieve an efficient, enjoyable rod.  To complement the natural finish blank, chrome snake and hardloy stripper guides are wrapped with a deep red thread.  

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